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Taking minocycline hydrochloride extended-release tablets while you are pregnant may cause serious side effects on the growth of bone and teeth of your baby.

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Eighty-eight patients reported sensory loss proven 50 mg minocycline, and 61 patients had bowel bladder dysfunction.

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Ultraviolet rays from the sun ultraviolet rays from fluorescent light bulbs sulfa drugs, which make a person more sensitive to the sun, such as bactrim and septra trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole sulfisoxazole gantrisin tolbutamide orinase sulfasalazine azulfidine diuretics sun-sensitizing tetracycline drugs such as minocycline minocin penicillin or other antibiotic drugs such as .

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Pubmedpubmed centralgoogle scholar choi y, kim hs, shin ky, kim em, kim m, kim hs, park ch, jeong yh, yoo j, lee jp, chang ka, kim s, suh yh minocycline attenuates neuronal cell death and improves cognitive impairment in alzheimer s disease models.

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